Advent Family Devotions


The word Advent comes from the Latin term advenire which means coming or arrival. This refers to the coming of Jesus Christ. Within the church there has historically been a three-fold meaning to Advent: 1) the Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh at Christmas; 2) the Advent of the Lord in Word and Spirit through the church; and 3) the Advent of our Lord when he returns in glory to judge all men and nations. There is a past, present, and future tense to Advent.

These devotions are meant to help your family to keep your focus on Christ during the anticipation of Christmas. For each Lord’s Day in Advent there is a family worship time structured around an Advent Wreath. Within the week, there are daily devotions designs to sketch out the overall structure of God’s redemptive plan from Genesis to Revelation. Take some time each day with your family to pray, look at the Scripture for the day, talk about it, and then pray the closing prayer together.


Advent Family Devotional – Week 1

Advent Family Devotional – Week 2

Advent Family Devotional – Week 3

Advent Family Devotional – Week 4

Advent Family Devotional – Christmas Eve