Greetings from our Pastor

Pastor HeadshotWelcome! Thanks for taking some time to get to know our church. We hope you come visit us and worship with us on a Sunday morning.

If you are looking for a church that is cool and edgy…we’re probably not that church. Conversely, if you’re looking for a church that is locked into a tradition for tradition’s sake…we’re probably not that church either. We seek to be a church that lives in healthy tensions. We are traditional without being snobbish. We are contemporary without being rootless. We seek to be full of grace while also being full of truth. We acknowledge that we are sinners while also knowing that in Christ we are saints. We want to be a church that reaches out locally and globally to those most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We are a Presbyterian congregation which believes and teaches the Holy Scriptures. Our congregation comes from all around the Millburn/Short Hills area. We reflect a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences. We are a part of the Presbyterian Church in America. Our church began meeting in 1979 and currently meets in the historic White Oak Chapel. We continue the tradition of teaching the Scriptures which began here in 1831. We are Protestant and Reformed. We teach the Westminster Confession and Catechisms as containing system of doctrine of the Bible. We are open to questions and new ideas. We are a constantly evolving mix of people; each bringing a new perspective and gifts to our church family. We’d love for you to visit with us.


Pastor Donny